Spanish is currently the second most widely spoken language in the world, and is the official language of 21 countries. Knowledge of the Spanish language can open many doors, and offers the ability to effectively communicate with 380 million people worldwide!

Our up-to-date teaching methods ensure your success in learning the Spanish language. We offer preparation for the following diplomas awarded by the Cervantes Institute, which are accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Education:
Students at this level recognize basic knowledge of Spanish. Holders of the Inicial are able to communicate both orally and through written word at a simple level. Equipped with the first foundations of the language, users at this level are prepared to expand their knowledge and continue to an intermediate level.

Users at this level are able to communicate at a more complex level. They can take part in discussions concerning their personal surroundings as well as on social issues. Students are also exposed to historical and cultural aspects surrounding the Spanish language.

At this level, students have the linguistic competence in order to take part in conversations where an advanced use of the Spanish language and knowledge of cultural customs is necessary.