Reception – Secretariat
In a friendly and pleasant environment of our school, you are welcomed by the educational consultants of COSMOS STUDIES.

The spaces are strictly tailored in accordance with the highest standards in terms of aesthetics, hygiene and safety of all students.

The classrooms are fully equipped with all the electronic equipment that is necessary for learning foreign languages and other training courses ​​with all training tools needed:

  • slides
  • Video
  • recordings
  • video lessons
  • Interactive white boards

Closed Groups of 5-9 persons at the same age and their own capabilities, use of conference bearings for the teaching of foreign languages and other training courses ​​in bright classrooms of COSMOS STUDIES.

Computer room
In a bright and airy space are held ​​the lectures of computer Professors for the adult classes. Equipped with last-tech computers, the classrooms provide a comfortable environment for both teaching and practice.

Using computers, students in COSMOS STUDIES, are working in a pleasant environment, utilizing the remedial teaching of the languages and other training courses studying with the use of multimedia programs.