Beginner Level
Students at this level can participate in simple conversations. A vocabulary of approximately 600-700 words is acquired.

Elementary Level
At this level, students can communicate at a basic level, exchanging simple, everyday information. Some basic structures are acquired, along with knowledge of approximately 1200-1300 words.

Level 1
Students at this level are able to communicate with ease. They know approximately 2300-2500 words and have begun to freely express themselves both orally and through writing on a variety of topics. This diploma is recognized by educational institutions in Russia.

Level 2
This level demonstrates an intermediate knowledge of Russian. Students at this level are able to comprehend difficult texts and can express themselves orally and in writing in social and business situations. Students’ vocabulary is enriched at approximately 5000-6000 words.

Level 3
These students can use the Russian language at an advanced level. They are able to comprehend difficult texts (including literary texts) and can express themselves with ease both orally and in writing. Users at this level are advanced enough to participate in academic research in Russian and are qualified to teach beginning levels of Russian as well. This level demonstrates that students know approximately 10,000 words.

Level 4
Language users at this level can participate in any communicative situation utilizing an extensive range of vocabulary and idiomatic expressions. Communication is fluent, competent and near-native in both professional and personal contexts.