My name is Antigoni Matsela. I was born in Kozani and since 2006 I live permanently in Thessaloniki. I am a graduate of Philosophy and Pedagogy Department, Faculty of Philosophy, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, specializing in Pedagogy. I have completed with honors my graduate studies in the same department and I have my Master in Pedagogy. I have excellent and certified knowledge of English and German. I deal with teaching since 2010. My love for education, teaching but above all for children, is for me the ideal incentive for continuous progress!


Μy name is Nikolaou Xanthoula.I was born and raised in Ioannina.I speak English and German.I hold a Bachelor degree of the English Language and Literature(AristotleUniversity, Thessaloniki)and I have been working as a teacher since 2009,teaching children and adults of all levels and successfully preparing students for various degrees(ECPE,ECCE,TOEIC,ESB,CITY AND GUILDS,TIE,IELTS). The last few years I have been working as a translator, undertaking various academic assignements.Iam making serious effort to keep up to date and evolve my work by attending various training seminars on learning disabilities, psychology, pedagogics and teaching English as a foreign language .I am commited to my dream and personal goal ,which is to transmit my knowledge and love for the English language to my students and inspire them through modern,enjoyable,innovative and interactive teaching methods ! I also try to combine my free time and work by travelling abroad, whenever I get a chance, and reading foreign language literature.


My name is Theodosiou Kleanthi. I live in New Malgara of Thessaloniki and I am 24 years old. I have graduated from the Faculty of Primary Education, University og the Aegean.. For the last three years, I have been in the teaching sector and I have the Certificate of Proficiency In English, University of Michigan. I chose the education career because I believe that it is one of the most important functions of our civilization. Through the procedure of teaching, I renew myself daily personally and professionally. The role of the teacher is tough. It requires your being an open and restless spirit. Except from the setting up and the methodically perfect teaching, the teacher should be an integrated person, creative and a source of inspiration.


My name is Iliadou Kyriaki. I was born in Thessaloniki and I have gratuaded from Atheith of Thessaloniki department of computer science.Also I have just finished my master in the field of quality control. I work the last ten years in education and I worked as computer lessons teacher at many educational center such as the Global Education Network AXON.Nowdays I work at three of the largest computer educational centers in Diavata,Ampelokipoi,Kordelio in Thessaloniki.