The company Papagrigoriou Bros was established in 2003 with the aim of the operation of tutorias schools, so the first educational center was created and operated in Diavata Thessaloniki until 2006, mainly educating adults and adolescents in various computer programs, conducting parallel tests as examination center for ECDL.

From 2006 to 2013 it joined the International Network Studies AXON, thus enriching the education of objects apart from informatics and foreign languages ​​and the training managers and adults in various specialized programs such as: accounting, management, marketing, logistics etc… Continuing its successful progress is an examination center in ACTA, the ICT, and the CITY & GUILDS.

In 2008 was created the second educational center in Diavata Thessaloniki. Currently we are continuing to lead the Cosmos Studies offering a variety of new advanced training programs in various fields.

From the first day of the establishment the purpose of the company is the best possible training in all areas, which the modern and the professional student may need. So our satisfied customers today are students of Delta City in all ages of children, adolescents, adults and professionals in the industrial area of ​​Thessaloniki as the company USG Building Products, the company ZANAE food, company IONIKI SFOLIATA SA food, IEK Sindou, the company Spices Kagias SA and many other organizations and companies.

An important part of our operation is the European mobility programs Leonardo Da Vinci in the context of these programs we have implemented as consultants and as send partner sending various programs in countries such as Cyprus, Lithuania, Italy, Portugal, etc., using professional schools and professional organizations in our region.