We provide thorough preparation for the following official qualifications, which are awarded by the French Ministry of Education to certify the competency of candidates in the French language:
Delf A1
Students at this level have a basic knowledge of the language. This level is called the “discovery” stage. At this stage, the students can interact in a simple way: they can speak about themselves and their immediate environment.

Delf A2
Delf A2 is based on the same principle: it recognizes the linguistic competency of a basic user, considered a social actor. The candidate can communicate in simple language and can complete basic written language tasks.

Delf B1
At this level, the students are independent. They can maintain interaction, fully understand and maintain a discussion and can give their opinion on daily issues.

Delf B2
At the B2 level, the students have a degree of independence that allows them to construct well-developed arguments in order to defend their opinion, explain their viewpoint and negotiate. At this level, the candidates have a degree of fluency and spontaneity in regular interactions and are capable of correcting their own mistakes.

Dalf C1
Individuals at level C1 are able to express themselves fluently and spontaneously. They have a comprehensive enriched vocabulary and can choose appropriate expressions in order to communicate with others.

Dalf C2
The level of language of C2 students is illustrated by precision, appropriateness and fluency of expression. They are capable of using the language for academic and advanced-level purposes. All holders of this diploma are qualified to obtain a French language teaching license through the Greek Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs.

Sorbonne I
Holders of the Sorbonne I are certified advanced users of the language. The Sorbonne I is equivalent to the Dalf C1.

Sorbonne II
Holders of this diploma are proficient users of the French language. The Sorbonne II is equivalent to the Dalf C2.

Note: Delf and Dalf are composed of 6 independent diplomas that correspond to the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Holders of Dalf C1 or C2 are exempt from taking language tests for entrance into French universities.